Single Cell Genomics Journal Club
A bi-weekly virtual meeting via Microsoft Teams, hosted by Georgia Tech’s Center for Integrative Genomics
This meeting brings together diverse researchers across GT campus including GTRI, who have interests in single-cell genomics. We discuss topics from AI/ML applications to empirical studies using diverse single-cell profiling methods including single-cell RNAseq, ATACseq, genome sequencing, and others. 

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Peng Qiu: BMED 6517: Machine Learning in Biosciences  3 Credit Hours
Introduces machine learning concepts and methods, including supervised and unsupervised learning, dimension reduction and visualization. Topics are accompanied by bioinformatics and systems biology applications.

Manoj Bhasin: IBM585R:  Topics in Biomedical Informatics:  Cancer Single Cell Analytics

This course introduces students to analytical techniques for single cell RNA-sequencing data in
cancer, including experimental protocols, data processing, computational methods, and statistical analyses. Methods include Seurat and the instructor’s recent methods in cancer. This course is project based, and prerequisites include prior scientific computing experience.

Spring 2024