The ASCOmAI bioinformatics team offers comprehensive computational pipelines and services for analysis of single cell data. Our data analysts will work collaboratively with researchers/investigators starting from experimental design consultation and planning to providing solutions for a variety of data analysis challenges using standard as well as custom-designed workflows.

How does it work?

Initial in-person or virtual intake meetings are scheduled to understand your project goals, provide experimental design consultation, define your data analyses needs, and outline the project timeline. You will be provided with an estimate of the number of hours required to complete the project scope and associated deliverables. Note that application-specific data analytics might take a longer time to complete, and we may need to schedule further discussions to better understand your project. To start, please complete the Project Request Form

Data Generation
Researchers/investigators are responsible for generating data from a sequencing facility of choice. (Sequencing facilities available to Georgia Tech, Emory, and Morehouse School of Medicine researchers are listed below.)
PLEASE NOTE: It is best practice for you to contact us before data generation so that we may assist with your experimental design. Our data analyst can provide additional information during your intake meeting regarding data generation and recommend which sequencing facility might be best for you to use.

What is the cost for services?
We are currently providing up to 3 hours of subsidized service for experimental design and consultation, and up to 20 hours for bioinformatics services to researchers from Georgia Tech, Emory University and Morehouse School of Medicine. Projects requiring more than 20 hours will be charged a fee. The expectation is that for longer-term collaborative projects, PIs will include a percentage of data analyst salary in their grant budgets.

Who should I contact?
For questions, contact:
Dr. Maneesha Aluru ().

Sequencing facilities available to Georgia Tech, Emory, and
Morehouse School of Medicine researchers
Georgia Tech Molecular Evolution Core
Emory Integrated Genomics

To request more information please fill out the Project Request Form